Balmoon Pantheon Edit

In Balmoon there is a pantheon composed of the following:

Terium Edit

Terium is the Spirit Maker. He creates each spirit to send forth into the world. He is benevolent. He is the brother of Kullerum, the Deathbringer. His wife and sister is Muriam, the goddess of birth. Most Balmooni worship him. His father is Gorhul, Sky God. His mother is Yuriem, Earth Goddess.

Kullerum Edit

Kullerum is the Deathbringer. He is malevolent. He requires of his followers death and destruction. His half-brother is Terium, the Spirit Maker. His father is Surnium, Fire God. His mother is Yuriem, Earth Goddess. Few Balmooni are reverent towards Kullerum.

Gorhul, Yuriem, Surnium and Holurth Edit

These powers are elemental and remote from mortal endeavors. Gorhul is the Sky God, both maker and resident of the sky and its objects. Yuriem is the Earth Goddess. Surnium is the Fire God. Holurth is the Sea God.

Cults Edit

Though not prominant, the Cult of the Galf is a force to be reckoned with.

Cult of the Galf Edit

The cult is a religion with just over 100 followers, supported by the Balmoon Militia.

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