• Current Ruler: Kish'ku Fruhak Half-Blood.
  • Type: Tribe.
  • Capital City:
  • Major Personages: Fruhak Half-Blood, Uthkar.


  • Total:
  • Racial: Human (x%)

Principal Cities/TownsEdit


Of InterestEdit

As Fruhak settles well into his middle age, his rule of Krish has come under challenge more than a few times. He has been successful in defending his post thus far, but has stoked controversy by forming a corps of the toughest half-orcs to be his personal guard.

One of the serious contenders to the position of Kish'ku is Uthkar, the Tide Rider, lord of the drakkar. Due to his position as chief naval commander, he is the only orc who can challenge Fruhak's authority without directly confronting him. Though slight for an orc (barely taller than Fruhak), Uthkar is of pure blood, and has been known to 'mishear' direct orders from the Kish'ku. See also Countries

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