History Edit

The Kane River was a spot of major engagement on the island of Balmoon. The blood shed there turned the river a dark red and so the Kane river was called by the halflings "Rock-ta" or the River of Blood in common tongue.

The Battle Edit

In retaliation to the burning of Fort Perth, the peasents of Denethor marched to war alongside the knights of the king. They came across a halfling village, filled with women and children, with all the men out hunting. They slaughtered the village with metal weapons. Only one human was killed. They marched on and were ambushed near the Kane River. The Halfling men had came back to discover thier wives and children burning in a mass grave. The halflings rushed down from hills, from the trees, and the from the river. They came with such fury and slaughtered and scalped the human soldiers with incomprehensible fury. The halflings dumped the bodies in the river and left for thier empty homes.

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